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Rick and Morty! Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! Cryptozoic Entertainment is cookin’ up Rick and Morty trading cards and NSU has the details on the series that almost never happened. ALSO INSIDE-- Three Stooges for 15k? An auction report you won’t want to miss! EVEN MORE-- Our annual preview story detailing the cards you’ll be collecting in 2018, a classic Topps Valentine’s series you may not want to give your significant other, and much more.

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Price Guide

The 32-page A-Z Price Guide covers all relevant trading card releases from Agents of SHIELD to Xena Warrior Princess!



“Rick “Star

Rick and Morty
NSU Exclusive
(Cryptozoic Entertainment)

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Heroes and Villains
NSU Exclusive
(Rittenhouse Archives)

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Wacky Packages Go To The Movies! Sure, we’re in Oscar season but just wait until you see what Topps does to some of your favorites. Plus, read about Solo: A Star Wars Story, Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Heroes and Villains, Legendary: H. P. Lovecraft, and more. Our vintage experts will shine the spotlight on classics The Outer Limits and Davy Crockett.